It seems that the biggest question women (and men) are asking themselves these days boils down to essentially one significant question - How do I make all my dreams come true? There's this burning desire to feel not only content with our lives at the present moment, but to feel both satisfied and confident in where we are headed, too. 

And so, because we are ambitious and want the very best for our lives, we spend a lot of time reading and researching anything and everything that has to do with purpose, calling and even identity. Because ultimately, we know that our dreams have a lot to do with who we are, where God is leading us, and what God has put in us. We think that if we could only just figure that all out, then the rest would follow. Right? Wrong. See, we can read all the books and take all the tests and make all the goals- but if we don't have the faith to actually walk out what God is calling us to co-labor with Him on, then nothing will ever change. In fact, we'll just stay put and we'll just grow stagnant. Worse; we'll just get comfortable.

I've spent more than half my life doing all the aforementioned things - pursuing purpose, calling and identity as if they held the key to my future. To be honest, it satisfied the parts of me that needed a plan and needed some sort of understanding of who I am. It felt good to walk in a steady belief of myself. But, that's also where I've gone wrong. The more enlightened I've become, the more confused I've gotten. And in the span of just a few years- the more I've come to understand myself, the less I've actually done. It's not that those things are bad, per say. It's good to know ourselves and know where we'd thrive. It's good to know what God wants from us. It's good to set goals and steward your life well. It's all good. 

But in order to actually make our dreams come true, we have to take risks. And oftentimes, the pursuit of self-knowledge deters us from the actual plan; from the actual jumping in. In fact, we sometimes get so stuck on our hearts that we forget to move our feet. 

I've noticed that those who are actually seeing their dreams come to fruition aren't the ones who are questioning whether they're the woman for the job. They certainly aren't sitting around waiting for their dreams to happen to them or putting themselves under a microscope and analyzing their strengths and weaknesses. Instead, they are taking the risks. They are walking out their faith in real time. 

And this, this is what it all comes down to. 

The purpose of this series isn't to hone in on your special skills or talents. It's not even about further figuring out what your dreams and visions are. Instead, because I'm smack dab in the middle of it all myself - this series is about what it actually looks like to walk out your faith. Tangibly. 

Look, I know that walking out our faith feels a little bit like running through a never-ending pitch black tunnel with only one lit matchstick to accompany you. There isn't a ultra high beam flashlight that illuminates the way. To make matters worse, there certainly aren't any directions. Actually, I think that's one of the only things we can be sure about - not knowing where we're headed. 

Regardless, that doesn't mean that we can't spend the time positioning our feet to match the direction of our hearts. And that's what I'd love to spend some time on for both me, and for you - becoming a risk taker and a dream maker in both word and in deed. 

The best part? We aren't doing it all on our own. If we feel like we're at the end of our rope and ready to give in - that just means it's actually time to grip even tighter onto the hands of our Savior, conquer our fears, and run the race that He's set before us. Matchsticks in hand. Both our feet and our hearts headed in the same direction. You in?