How often do we wait for our feelings to catch up with our intentions? 

We talk about what we wish to improve or make progress in. We set goals, come up with mantras, and find accountability partners. And when we still feel frustrated or disappointed, it's far easier for us to give in then to push through. 

Embracing the season we are in is a daily challenge. It contends for us to make the most of the life that we are living - to savor each moment. It requires commitment and perseverance. 

It's more than just digging in our heels and defiantly saying, "I'm okay here." It's practicing what we preach, and walking out a new way of life. 

It's celebrating the details, instead of complaining about the bigger picture.

It's praising God, instead of lamenting our circumstances.

It's trusting God, instead of relying on ourselves. 

Eventually, our feelings will become fact, and we will find ourselves on the other end of our efforts, of our willingness to co-labor with the Lord in learning to embrace the season we are in.