I once heard somewhere that in order to experience breakthrough in the places that seem the most desolate, the most broken, and the most hopeless: we must turn our prayers into praise.

We must stop doubting, and start believing. 

We must stop questioning, and start receiving. 

We must stop petitioning, and start claiming. 

We must stop rejecting, and start embracing this season we are in. 

I believe that embracing the season we are in is grounded in cultivating contentment in our daily lives. Contentment is both the result and the engine of our praise. 

It seems that nowadays, there's many opportunities to express praise. We create gratitude journals. We post statuses on our social media once every day for a month to show our thankfulness. It's certainly good practice, and definitely changes our perspective. However, the entirety of our lists will not satisfy or fulfill us because often the items we list are those things in which we have and we hold. Our praise can't only be for the things that are tangible as they are temporary and unreliable.

In fact, I think that in order to cultivate contentment, we have to be willing to praise the unseen- Our Father; and the unknowable - the when and the how. Contentment in the Kingdom has nothing to do with what we have, or even what we know. Contentment, in the Kingdom, is about who has us, and who know us. 

This changes everything! When we think not on what defines the season we are in, but who defines it -- we are empowered to walk with hope, joy, and contentment. Nothing can uproot us from our foundation, that which has been poured out by Jesus Christ.