When we were young, we declared our dreams and hung them like banners -- visible and in plain sight. But, as our lives expanded to include careers, relationships, and the various responsibilities that we have on a day to day basis, we took the thing that seemed impossible and we shoved it into a shoe box; tucked away in a dusty closet. Maybe now and then we'd take that old shoe box out and reminisce on possibility and hope, but only for a little while. We'd claim that we had no space for dreaming in our lives- that we're too busy, too tired, too old, too seasoned, or too afraid. 

All these things have become excuses for not doing what was planted within us to do. As we've grown, we've realized that we're further from the ground --  the fall has become more intimidating, and so we've become stagnant and paralyzed. 

Generally speaking, I for one, am not the dreamer I used to be. Especially within my marriage. Where my husband can easily spend hours talking about the various details of our one day imaginary home; I have a difficult time transplanting myself into a future that could be out of our reach. Where my husband casts vision, I create the action plan. Where he reaches for the impossible, I often settle into the right here, the right now.

Anyone else like that? This certainly isn't a challenge to change the very essence of who we are. We can be planners, be realistic, and seek the tangible. However, I think that these things can't come at the cost of resigning what we've longed for.

It's time to take that shoe box out of the closet, dust off the cobwebs, and open it up. Maybe we're not in a place to take action and move forward into making our dreams happen, just yet. That's okay. Maybe we know we are supposed to prioritize other things, or people. That's okay, too. But, whatever junction of life we are at - we should pocket our dreams and carry them with us. We should still make a space in our homes, our hearts, and our conversations for them.

Our dreams don’t have to be spoken with resentment, wistfulness or discontentment. We get to decide their significance. We get to decide their meaning. We get to decide whether or not they will come to fruition.

We must remember that our dreams aren't just our own, they belong to Jesus too. When we gave Him access to all the nooks and crannies of our heart, that didn't exclude our desires, wants, and longings. These are just as important to Him as our brokenness and our sin.

When we make space for our dreams, we might just be making even more space for Jesus too. 

Let's clean up a shelf and purge some of the "shoulds," "musts," and "to do's". Let's include our dreams in our prayers, our journals, our thoughts, and even in our conversations with others. It's a small thing to do; but its one of the most significant.  Because, in making this space, we give room to possibilities and instead of living in stagnation; we resurrect hope.