Hey You.

Yes, you. Did you know that I made you? That long before you were a twinkle in your mother's eye - you already existed within my heart? That you reside there - permanently. Even at your worst daughter; even when you feel alone, invisible, or hidden.

I see you.

You've been trying too hard, daughter. You've been trying to assign yourself worth by your performance; by others perception and approval of you. You've replaced the cross with your hustle, and your insecurities. But don't you remember child? I sent my Son for that.

There's nothing you can do that will make me love you any more, or any less. No circumstance, season of life, mood, or fleeting emotion can separate you from me.

I am the calm. I am the storm. I am the vine. I am the fruit. I am the roots. I am the tree.


Daughter, why rely on yourself when you can rely on the creator of the heavens and the earth? Why allow yourself to be bound by a season -- by an identity that is of the world and not of me? Why live season to season when you can live from Glory to Glory; from Revelation to Revelation?

It's time to surrender. That's been the answer all along my child. Surrender your effort, your definition of success, your guilt, your goals, and your worries. Surrender it all and receive the abundance of the Kingdom. Surrender it all and embrace the truth that I am bigger than anything, or any season, that you may go through.

Take heart daughter, not only do I see you, but I am with you - and will be until the end of the age