We've been living in our home for over three years. A home that we've invested both money and memories. From installing hardwood floors and painting the walls to creating room for two children, this home has already become a significant piece of our lives. 

Nevertheless, our home is far from being done. Our basement is a disaster and our backyard lacks life. The door granting access into our home is completely flawed. It's literally just solid wood. There's no peephole. No ornate design. Not even a welcome mat. The side facing out has white paint slathered on it to give it an exterior feel. Meanwhile, the other side is brown and doesn't match the interior at all. It's ugly and unwelcoming. 

However, lately our door has been serving as a tangible and effective reminder.

It takes time to turn a house into a home. It also takes time to turn our dreams into reality. Unfortunately, we are often deterred by the path that we are required to take to get there. We tend to have expectations and ideals of what the entryway into our dream opportunities should look like. Maybe things are too simple. Perhaps they are a bit more complicated. 

But know this, whether lack or excess, a door is a door. All that is required of us is to step through and embrace what's on the other side. That's it. 

There's no need to buy another door. Or brush a new coat of paint over it. Or peruse Pinterest to see what others have done with their entryways. Pots of flowers are a distraction and welcome mats have to be used to be relevant. 

Do you see where I'm headed here? 

We can strip it down or dress it up all we want, but the only thing that's stopping us from walking through and into our dreams is ourselves. It's time to move forward. It's time to step through.