The realization didn't come until about 10 pm. I had literally wasted my entire day to grumbling and complaining.   

It had been another difficult day. Another napped skipped. Another tooth popping through. Another messy room. Another tear-stained face clamoring for attention. Another dinnertime battle. Another late night. 

These were the things I was focusing on - the things I was allowing to define my day. And yet, there was so much more. 

Another giggle. Another new word. Another reminder that I'm loved. Another sweet "love you, mama." Another moment to cherish. Another spontaneous hug. Another night cuddling my baby. Another day spent at home with my children. Another week celebrating my husband's success. Another cup of delicious coffee. 

I lost sight of what mattered and what counted. I lost sight of the blessing that was right in front of me. 

Our seasons are not devoid of things to be thankful for. But the enemy of our souls doesn't want us to know that. He hates when we praise God in, and for, all things. It's like a trumpet call; declaring war on the enemies schemes to minimalize our lives and destroy our hearts, and our intentions. It's another tactic to get our eyes off the Lord - and onto smaller, less important things. Eventually causing us to miss the season we are in all altogether. 

And I don't want to miss another thing. I don't want to miss the beauty of my children as they grow, or forget the vibrancy of my husband in his younger age. I want to soak in, and savor every detail, every single second I have with them. 

I'm grateful for do-overs - for the chance to start over again tomorrow and for a Lord who can make the blind, see. And I'm not going to waste anymore time. I'm going to stand here and shout praise to the God whose given so much, so freely. I'm going to stop my grumbling and I'm going to finally see, really see, the blessing that's right in front of me.