For the last couple of weeks, I've been meeting with a couple of other women where we share our weekly stories, encourage one another, and pray. It's been authentic, real, and messy. And truly, we're each in the thick of it. In the thick of God-Willed edification - that comes in a variety of forms. From marriage to motherhood to our daily lives of staying at home, to working, to attending school. We have our plates full. And yet, we each have committed to sharing our time and ourselves.

Sometimes when we are muddling through and when we feel overwhelmed by just the everyday responsibilities of life -the easiest and most accepted thing to do is to recluse. So many of us simply survive in our own self-made isolation. We claim busyness over our essential needs. We say that there is simply not enough time to connect or invest in community.

Maybe it isn't busyness that holds you back - it could be that you struggle with insecurity or you think that there isn't a group that could accept you. Perhaps you feel that others should reach out to you first, instead of you inviting yourself in to a relationship with them. Maybe you have already disqualified yourself by thinking that you aren't good enough to be included. Perhaps you have high expectations and you find yourself disappointed by your lack of fulfillment when you are with others. Maybe you simply claim introversion as your personality default- using it as a cloak to hide.

I can tell you honestly that I have thought each and every single one of these lies. And dear friend, that is exactly what they are - LIES. And depending on where you are at right now, I can hear those thoughts swarming - justifying and excusing. You're telling yourself that they aren't lies, that their facts and that this indeed is your reality. I get it. You may actually be really busy, and you may struggle to connect, and you may feel left out and unworthy. But the enemy often uses facts and our feelings to dissuade us from Godly possibility. And even more so, to blockade us from something beautiful and holy.

Adam was lonely without Eve

David was knit together with Jonathan

Moses could not win the battle without Aaron and Hur

Nehemiah needed his people to help him rebuild and

Jesus's first priority was gathering His disciples to Him.


There are people who want to pour into you and spend time with you.


There is someone who loves and sees you.


There are people who will battle with you and hold your tired hands up when you can't muster the energy for yourself.


When you are tempted to come down and quit - they will encourage you to persist. They will do the work with you.


Gather those who will walk alongside with you. They will have confidence in you when you have lost all confidence in yourself.

Community is not an add-on, an extra, or a bonus. It is more than just attending Sunday church. When we invest in others and allow them to pour into us, God is able to do an even deeper work within us. We are able to take our eyes off ourselves, our busyness, our insecurities, our own problems and not only see what God is doing around us for others - but eventually see what He is doing within us because of others.