On the front of our home there lives beautiful, thick sprawling ivy that hangs from window to window. It’s been there since we moved in and reminds me of what you might find at an old historic college. It hangs just so, that it acts as a natural curtain for each of its windows. It’s unruly and uninhibited.  

At the beginning of summer, my son and I sat in his room playing together while the sunlight streamed through. I happened to glance up and see my favorite ivy and my heart began to quicken.

It was just beginning to turn.

To appreciate this, it’s vital to understand that this ivy does not stay green through all the treacherous seasons of Colorado. Instead, for many of the cold months it writhers into a brown, thin garland of what seems like dead foliage.

What seems like.

But with certainty, it springs back to life every summer.  

I can’t help but see how our lives mock the cycle of ivy. There tends to be seasons where we feel dead. Where we feel that we aren’t producing- emotionally, spiritually, or physically and we blend into the background.  

Unlike the ivy though, we forget how seasons work. We forget the purpose of biding our time. Instead, we are thrown for a loop when Instagram post after Facebook post tell us to, “hustle” to “make a difference”, and that are even more so imperatively and sublimely SCREAMING that “biding time is a waste of time, and is a waste of you.”

But friends, there is always time to turn and never enough time to abide.Abiding is not watching the clock anxiously. It is not searching the horizon for open doors of opportunity. It is definitely not producing just for the sake of it. Abiding is perpetually turning to the Lord.


Right now, if you feel as if you aren’t producing – perhaps that is because God is doing the producing in you. He is growing something wonderful that will spring forth in due season.

I know that I don’t want to burst into full bloom only to die a few months later. I want to be deeply rooted so that what God is working through me, and in me, can last. I want to be a perennial – coming back season after season; stronger, wiser, and more uninhibited.

While sitting with my son, I heard the Lord whisper to me, “

"Daughter, your time to turn will come. You may feel dead, unworthy, and unimportant – but abide in me and I will show you truth. Abide in me and we will cultivate unimaginable possibilities together. More importantly, you will grow.

This is not just for me. This is for you too.

Your time to turn will come. Only abide in Him.