Before I dig in, can I share something with you? I don’t believe we were ever meant to be able to sum up the whole of our lives through catchy little tag lines; limiting ourselves by labels or seasons. Not only does it do the journey we're on injustice, but often this way of thinking can forget the unimaginable ways the Lord is regularly working through our lives. Life is messy and unpredictable and we're always growing and changing. My story (and yours, too) can't be diminished to a single page when they're filled with chapters of redemption. I'll never be able to summarize all that I am, or all that I am becoming. Until then, here's what you might want to know about me right now...

While my name is Tabitha, most people call me Tab. Truthfully, I answer mainly to cries (and more often, screams) of momma. Thankfully, those tiny and needy voices are punctuated by the sweet names my husband calls me; to which I will spare you the details. I've been married to him for almost a decade and I'm blessed. While it is probably a little bit corny to say, he truly is my best friend. We're raising two awesome toddlers together as well as expecting our third baby in June. In spite of all the fun we've had and keep having, life certainty hasn't always felt or been easy. In 2013, I had a miscarriage that drastically changed my perspective on faith, church, and myself. Basically, the Kingdom showed up at my front door and without me realizing it, knocked down all the walls in my heart. As a self-proclaimed homebody - I realized that the Body of Christ is an essential, yet rarely talked about part of discipleship. More importantly, I realized that we all simply need each other - no matter where we're at in our lives. And because of that simple truth, I started writing.

I started writing because I realized that each of our stories are significant. I started writing because I saw how declared testimonies could pour God's grace into the cracks of exposed hearts. I started writing because I needed to be put back together again and, I found that pursuing Jesus with the written word did exactly that. I continue to write because ultimately, I want to document the ongoing, life-changing conversations that God and I keep having. I want to proclaim that regardless of what we're each going through - who He is, what He has done and what He will do is the most important thing; the thing that makes every single bit of our journeys worth it.

We're all just aching for the real thing; and guess what? JESUS IS IT. 

These words might be from my hands, but this is God's work; and this is for His glory. Let's get after HIM, together.